Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are elected every four years.

The last election was in May 2016 and the next election will be on 6th May 2021, following a year's postponement in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

To read about the roles and responsibilities of a PCC please visit the Home Office briefing about PCC roles and responsibilities. You can also find information on the About Your Commissioner pages of our website.

To vote in a Police and Crime Commissioner Election, you must be over 18 and registered to vote. Information on registering to vote can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website

The Merseyside PCC election will be managed by the Police Area Returning Officer (PARO). This will be a monitoring officer from a council within Merseyside, appointed nearer to the election date.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has no role in organising the election, or in circulating information about the candidates.

Pre-election period

The pre-election period starts when the notice of election is published (normally end of March)

The Code of Practice on Local Authority Resources prevents the use of public resources for party political purposes. Some key points relevant to us:

  • All public information about policing should be available equally to all candidates
  • Our facilities cannot be used for party political purposes, this includes the use of rooms, buildings, IT equipment, telephones, photographs etc.
  • While it is business as usual it is also good practice not to announce significant new policies or plans during the pre-election period.

Prospective Candidates

If you are considering standing as a candidate you can find a range of information on this site, including key information, useful links and contact details on our Candidates Page.

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