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The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for holding the Chief Constable to account for maintaining an efficient and effective police service in Merseyside.

One of the ways the PCC undertakes this role, is through Force Inspection meetings.

The Commissioner uses her Force Inspection meetings to monitor how Merseyside Police is progressing against the priorities set in her Police and Crime Plan and to scrutinise the performance of the Chief Constable and his team.

At these quarterly meetings, Chief Officers provide the Commissioner with a detailed account of progress in the previous quarter specifically in relation to the number of crimes reported and the performance of crimes against appropriate targets. She also has the opportunity to examine the budget and the projected savings plan.

These meetings also allow her to correctly identify the risk areas to the Force. This enables her to work with the Chief Officers to find improvements and alternative ways of tackling any issues.

Regular items will include:

  • Progress towards objectives of the Police and Crime Plan;
  • Monitor the Medium Term Financial Strategy;
  • Keep abreast of all national and local developments with regard to police performance;
  • Provide oversight of local performance and where necessary consider exception reports on the context of poor/outstanding performance;
  • Regularly monitor performance of estate matters;
  • Consider any issues regarding the Commissioner’s consultation and partnership arrangements with a view to maintaining their effectiveness in obtaining the views of the public;
  • Monitor compliance and receive annual reports on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Data Protection Acts;
  • Monitor compliance of the Independent Custody Visitor and Animal Welfare Schemes.

Upcoming meetings:

In the interest of transparency, these meetings are open to the public. This ensures that  you can also monitor the Force’s progress can also be monitored by the public.

The next Force Inspection will last approximately three hours and will commence at 2pm on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

Please note, while this meeting is usually open to the public to attend, due to the current restrictions on people's movements as a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic this meeting will be held remotely. If you are interested in more details about this meeting, please email [email protected].

All the papers for this meeting will be provided here at least five days before the meeting:

Future meetings

Please find the dates for all future scheduled Force Inspection meetings below:

  • Tuesday 2nd March 2021;
  • Thursday 3rd June 2021;
  • Tuesday 7th September 2021;
  • Tuesday 2nd December 2021.

Previous meetings:

Please use the links below to find the agendas and papers for previous Force Inspection meetings, according to year.

Force Inspection Meetings 2020/21 Force Inspection Meetings 2019/20
Force Inspection Meetings 2018/19 Force Inspection Meetings 2017/18
Force Inspection Meetings 2016/17 Force Inspection Meetings 2015/16
Force Inspection Meetings 2014/15 Force Inspection Meetings 2013/14



Jane wants your views on policing funding today...

The Police Commissioner has to set the police budget soon.

She wants your views on  if you would be willing to contribute an extra 19p a week in your council tax  to enable the Chief Constable to recruit 160 new police officers next year, as well help balance the budget and protect jobs?

Without the extra funding the Commissioner will have to reduce the budget, the recruitment of new officers can’t
go ahead and the Chief Constable will be required to cut back on the service again.