The Merseyside Criminal Justice Board brings criminal justice agencies together to join up processes to reduce crime and re-offending and focus on the needs of victims and witnesses.

Take a look at some of the key achievements of the Board in 2013/14Merseyside Criminal Justice Board logo

  • Successfully piloted dedicated domestic violence courts in Knowsley and Liverpool. These courts are aimed at helping victims of domestic violence by providing dedicated, specialist support to help people through what can potentially be a difficult time;
  • Strengthened links with the health sector by working with a representative for Merseyside’s clinical commissioning groups. This helps to ensure crime and health issues are viewed as a whole, whether it is the health and well-being of victims of crime in recovering from their experiences, meeting the needs of mental health detainees in custody or tackling the health aspects of offender rehabilitation. These links will help to inform decision-making and co-commissioning and raise awareness of the links between health and crime;
  • Explored restorative justice practices on Merseyside by establishing a specialist steering group. Partners have looked at strengthening training of restorative justice practitioners to ensure victims of crime who do want to take part in these types of activities are well prepared and sufficiently protected;
  • Monitored the Victim’s Code across Merseyside’s criminal justice agencies. The Board has assisted partners in monitoring their compliance with the new Victim’s Code, launched in December 2013. The Code ensures that victims of the most serious crimes, persistently targeted victims and all vulnerable and intimidated victims have access to vital services, like pre-trial therapy and counselling.
  • Created a pan-Merseyside Reducing Domestic Violence and Abuse Partnership Strategy which was launched at a Domestic Violence Summit in November 2013;