The Merseyside Criminal Justice Board brings criminal justice agencies together to join up processes to reduce crime and re-offending and focus on the needs of victims and witnesses.

Take a look at some of the key achievements of the Board in 2017/18:Merseyside Criminal Justice Board logo

  • Engaging with Children’s and Adults Safeguarding Boards and in particular scrutinizing the police detention of young people with a view to this being minimised;
  • Reducing the unnecessary attendance of police witnesses at court, so as to maximise their operational availability
  • Agreeing a protocol to reduce the unnecessary criminalisation of Looked After Children in care Homes with all Merseyside Local Authorities;
  • Supporting the Merseyside Community Rehabilitation Company to reduce reoffending so that Merseyside now has the lowest rate frequency of reoffending by offenders in the country;
  • Supporting hate crime prosecutions that now that now have a success levels in excess of 85%;
  • Developed a single Merseyside Special Domestic Violence Court that will go live in the first week of April 2018 that will manage all domestic violence hearings, including all trials, supported by specialist police, CPS Lawyers and Magistrates;
  • Piloting the extension of initiative to pre-record the evidence to all vulnerable and intimidated witnesses thereby enabling them to provide best evidence;
  • Rolling out the delivery of new digital approaches to cases management across all agencies there by making them more efficient by avoiding delays and saving time.

For 2018/19 in addition to building on the previous work and success the MCJB will explore

  • How it can add value to addressing crime against the elderly;
  • How it can accelerate the transport to prison of offenders subject to recall to prison;
  • How to make better use of video technology in the criminal justice system;
  • How better to address violence against women and girls;
  • How to better address the needs of women offenders.