If you've been a victim of crime, share your experiences to help others in the future.

Victims are at the heart of Jane and Ann's priorities. Since taking office, Jane has invested considerable time and effort in gaining a better understanding of the needs of those affected by crime. She has now appointed Cllr Ann O'Byrne to act as her Deputy and Victims' Champion.

Their aim is to ensure people who may be at an incredibly vulnerable time in their lives are given the best possible support.

In 2015 Jane and Ann will be responsible for commissioning some victims' services. That is why it is so important you tell us about your experience of crime.

Through this consultation, Jane and Ann want to listen to your views, identify which support services are working well and where you think more support might be needed. Your views and feedback are really important - they will help to shape the services that are provided for victims in the future.

Read more about Jane and Ann's consultation and find out more about their aims and objectives for Putting Victims' First.

To improve support for victims of crime, we want to know what support most helped you when you were recovering from a criminal offence. We want to hear what services helped you to recover and whether you felt adequate support was provided when you needed it. Importantly, we want to learn what services you think should be available in the future.

Please note, this survey is now closed.