ane Kennedy’s term as Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner extended until May 2021

Jane Kennedy

Following the cancellation of Police and Crime Commissioner elections in May 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, Jane Kennedy has confirmed that she will remain as Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside until May 2021.

Jane said: “Due to the spread of the Corona Virus COVID-19 the government has cancelled the election for a new PCC, postponing it until May 2021 and consequently extending the term of office of sitting PCCs by one year. This is a genuine national crisis, and although I had made plans to retire to private life in May, I will do what is needed to provide continuity and stability for both Merseyside Police and the communities we serve.

“I am entirely focussed upon supporting Merseyside Police, their Chief Constable, staff and officers as they maintain their crucially important service. I also have a duty to maintain the community and voluntary services who respond to and support victims of crime across Merseyside. Now is the time to make sure that those who are most vulnerable in our society are protected.”