PCC and Chief Constable pay tribute to Mrs Rose Paterson

Rose Paterson

Merseyside's Police Commissioner and Chief Constable issue a joint statement following the inquest into the death of Mrs Rose Paterson.

“Following the conclusion of the inquest into the death of Mrs Rose Paterson, the former chair of Aintree Course, the Chief Constable, Andy Cooke QPM and I would like to offer our enormous sympathy to her family and express our most sincere condolences.

“Rose was an absolute joy to work with and we are profoundly grateful for the enthusiastic support she gave to our Stand Tall Campaign when Merseyside Police’s mounted section was under pressure. She never once wavered in the encouragement she gave us to secure the section’s long term future. We will miss her and will always remember her for her kindness and commitment to horses generally, and our police horses in particular.”