Christmas message from the PCC

PCC Christmas card 'Merry Christmas' with a design by Year 2 student Daphne Normand from Riverside Primary School

Christmas is around the corner and I’d like to wish everyone a very happy, peaceful and safe festive season.

2021 has been another tough year.
We have all battled with challenges thrown up by the pandemic and life has often been far from ‘normal’.
It’s continued to be particularly hard for our keyworkers, working on the frontline in our healthcare system and public and emergency services.
Services which are delivered by dedicated, caring, committed professionals who have faced unprecedented demands over the 20 months or so.
And their work never stops.
Christmas is a chance for most of us to take time out, relax, and enjoy being with our families and friends.
We get to celebrate the festivities, reminisce about what has happened over the year and enjoy a mince pie or two!
But that is not the case for those working within the NHS, social care system and emergency services. Neither criminals nor coronavirus will be taking time off. So, instead of tucking into a Christmas dinner or celebrating the New Year celebrations, many of those who serve the public will be at work, potentially putting their own safety at risk to keep us safe.
The festive season is a time to pause, reflect and give thanks.
So, please, spare a thought for all those who have played such a vital role in serving our communities over the last 12 months. Their efforts allow us to enjoy time with our families knowing they are there to keep us safe.
If you see your local bobby on the beat when you are out and about over the festive season – wish them a Merry Christmas, they’ll appreciate it.
Special thanks to Daphne Normand, a year 2 pupil from Riverside Primary School in Seacombe, who helped design my Christmas card this year, reflecting on what makes her feel safe.
Let’s hope that 2022 is a happier, healthier, more ‘normal’ year for everyone.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.