On 4th May 2024, Emily Spurrell was elected by the public of Merseyside to be their Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for the second time.

Emily took 61.7% of the public vote, beating challenges from three other candidates to secure a further four years in office on a promise to continue to fight crime and invest in hard-hit neighbourhoods.

Police and Crime Commissioners were brought in by the Government to replace Police Authorities.

Emily's aim is to ensure the policing needs of the community are met effectively and to oversee how the police and other organisations are tackling crime in Merseyside.

It is her job to hold the Chief Constable to account and to ensure the Force is properly funded so that she can deliver an efficient and effective service. The role includes the power to set the policing budget of over £420 million. Not only that, but she also has a statutory responsibility to monitor the whole criminal justice system in the region.

As Commissioner, Emily will hold the police to account on behalf of the public and by listening to you, she will ensure they deliver the kind of policing you want to see.

About your PCC

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The role

As Police and Crime Commissioner, Emily is responsible for:

  • Setting the priorities for Merseyside Police;
  • Publishing a Police and Crime Plan;
  • Engaging with communities and representing the public's voice on policing matters;
  • Working closely with community safety and criminal justice partners;
  • Commissioning services to make communities safer and support victims and the vulnerable;
  • Appointing and, if necessary, dismissing the Chief Constable;
  • Dealing with complaints and disciplinary matters against the Chief Constable;
  • Holding the Chief Constable to account; and
  • Setting the annual police budget and precept level.

She is not responsible for:

  • Day-to-day deployment and deliver of police services, known as 'operational policing'; or
  • Investigating complaints against police officers below the rank of Chief Constable.


Emily is paid a salary of £86,700 per year. 

The salary of the Police and Crime Commissioners is recommended by the Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB) and approved by the Secretary of State for the Home Department. It was last reviewed in July 2022.

You can find out more about our Spending.

Code of Conduct

The Commissioner has signed a personal code of conduct which sets out the seven principles she should abide by while in office:

Signed Code of Conduct