The Police Commissioner has a small dedicated team of staff who help her hold Merseyside Police to account and deliver against the priorities of the Police and Crime Plan.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is a non-political, impartial organisation.

We work to support the Commissioner's work and help her realise her vision and strategies for policing, community safety and criminal justice in Merseyside.

Our team is highly committed, professional and enthusiastic and our mission is:We are a Living Wage employer

To make a real and positive difference to Merseyside.

We are accredited as a Living Wage employer.

Organisational structure

This organisational chart illustrates the structure of the office, together with job titles. 

Staff chart to the OPCC

Equality Information

To the knowledge of the OPCC:

  • 68% identity as women, 28% as men, 4% as non-binary
  • 16% identify as having a disability,
  • 88% of the staff identify as white British, 12% belong to a racial minority community
  • 28% of staff identify belonging to LGBTQI+ communities

The Commissioner also publishes the latest equality information for Merseyside Police. You can find this information by clicking the link and looking at the documents published in September 2023. 

Statutory roles

The Commissioner must have a Chief Executive and a Chief Finance Officer.

Please find more details about these positions here:

Statutory roles

Arrangements for the use of staff from of the Chief Constable or a local authority

A police inspector is provided as a liaison officer between the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Merseyside Police.

This officer remains under the direction and control of the Chief Constable.

Policies of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

There are a number of policies that govern how the Commissioner's team operates.

Policies of the OPCC

Gifts and Hospitality

A register of each offer or a gift or hospitality made to the Commissioner or to any member of staff in the Commissioners Office is retained, which indicates whether the offer was accepted or refused.

Gifts and Hospitality