Football clubs on Merseyside and Crimestoppers launch new initiative to help reduce crime


A unique partnership whose goal is to make Merseyside safer for everyone

On the eve of the Merseyside Derby, the four football clubs on Merseyside put aside old rivalries to come together at Goodison Park with charity Crimestoppers and launch a new initiative to help reduce crime.

The campaign was launched by the Police and Crime Commissioner Emily Spurrell and was attended by representatives of Liverpool FC, Everton FC, Tranmere Rovers and Marine FC community foundations. They were joined by Everton Club Ambassador Graeme Sharp, Liverpool legend David Fairclough and representatives of Crimestoppers and Merseyside Police.

This new partnership has one goal: to make Merseyside safer for all.

The 4 clubs are at the heart of the community and through the work of the LFC Foundation, Everton in the Community, Tranmere Rovers Community Foundation and Marine in the Community, countless lives are changed, young people are supported and thousands of people across Merseyside benefit each year.

By joining together, this campaign that will use the power and reach of football to change communities and help stop exploitation, abuse, and violence.

This powerful unifying message using new and traditional media, community events and programmes, is reaching out to those supporters and communities most affected by crime and the harm caused by crime.

Emily Spurrell, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Football is at the heart of our communities here in Merseyside, so it is brilliant that our four fantastic clubs have come together with one shared goal – to reduce crime in our region.

“Liverpool F.C, Everton F.C, Tranmere Rovers and Marine F.C. have the power to reach so many people. With their help, we can spread the message far and wide that everyone can play their part in making our region safer by contacting Crimestoppers.

“Crimestoppers are not the police. They are an independent charity and anyone contacting them can have absolutely confidence their identity will never be revealed, and they will remain 100% anonymous.

“By sharing any information you have about crime in your area, you will be part of a powerful, united team kicking crime out of our communities.”

Nigel Weatherill, Chair of Merseyside Crimestoppers said; “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the 4 Clubs on this exciting new initiative.

“The work that the club’s Community Foundations deliver across Merseyside is outstanding and the envy of the rest of the country. The many activities that we have planned together over the coming months will really make a difference right across Merseyside.”

David Fairclough, Liverpool Legend and Crimestoppers Volunteer, said: “I have been involved with Crimestoppers for over 11 years and have seen the real difference that the anonymous information that we receive has made in reducing crime and the processes that are in place to protect the identity of everyone who contacts Crimestoppers online or by phone.”

“Each of the clubs are rivals on the field, but this initiative gives us a chance to all work in partnership to ensure that our young people have a safer future.”

Graeme Sharp, Everton Club Ambassador, said: “Every day I see the fantastic work that the clubs do in our communities across Merseyside, particularly the many schemes and programmes involving young people that really do change lives.

“I am delighted to support this great initiative with Crimestoppers that will help make Merseyside safer for everyone.”