Merseyside PCC statement after Connor Chapman found guilty of Christmas Eve murder of Elle Edwards


Following the news that Connor Chapman was today (Thursday 7th July) found guilty of the murder of Elle Edwards on Christmas Eve, Merseyside's Police Commissioner has released the following statement.

Emily Spurrell said: “No family should have to face the unimaginable pain and heartache that Elle Edward’s loved ones have endured in the past seven months.

“Elle was a beautiful, vivacious, happy 26-year-old who was out enjoying the Christmas festivities when her life was brutally cut short in the most devastating and senseless way. As her father has said, her life was cut short just as she was reaching her peak.

“There is no justice that can bring Elle back and the last four weeks of the trial and Chapman’s refusal to admit his crimes, forcing her family to relive the events of that tragic night, must only have compounded their unthinkable suffering.

“Today’s guilty verdict will not end their own life sentence, but I hope it will bring them some small comfort that he is off the streets and facing many years behind bars for his cowardly and appalling actions.

“I would like to give my sincere thanks to the many dedicated officers, PCSOs and staff of Merseyside Police who worked around the clock in the wake of this awful incident – many forsaking their own Christmases – to support the victims and their families, reassure people living nearby and to bring Chapman to justice.

“I’d also like to thank the many brave witnesses who came forward with evidence to ensure this toxic individual was brought to justice and the wider community of Wallasey who pulled together with empathy and compassion.

“Chapman is part of a dark underbelly of our society who are prepared to use guns with no care for the harm they inflict on others. To fire a powerful submachine pistol at a crowded pub full of innocent people celebrating the holidays is utterly despicable. Yet he has not shown a shred of remorse.

“Dangerous, ruthless individuals like Chapman will never be welcome in Merseyside. The police are relentless in their approach to tackling heartless criminals like him and the cold-blooded gangs who harbour them and I am determined to do everything I can to support this work.

“While we have the seen the number of firearms discharges drop significantly in the past decade, we cannot stop until that number is zero.

“To achieve that we need the support of our communities. If you have any information about gun crime – where weapons are being housed or who is using them – my heartfelt plea is please, do the right thing and speak out. By doing so, you could play a vital role in protecting the lives of innocent people and preventing further tragedies.

“Through the roll out of Operation EVOLVE, we are also working closely with all our partners to disrupt and deter these gangs, rooting them out of our communities. Reclaiming and rebuilding our most blighted neighbourhoods, so they are once again places people love to live, work and visit.

“By working together, we can stop those intent on violence and harm and make all our communities stronger and safer.

“If you have any information, please call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, no-one will know that you have made that call.

“If you have been affected by this case and want to speak to someone or access support, you can contact my Victim Care Merseyside service on 0808 175 3080 or visit”