Police Commissioner issues statement following report into investigation into explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital


Following the publication of the key findings of the police investigation into the explosion outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital on 14th November 2021, Merseyside's Police Commissioner has released the following statement.

Emily Spurrell said: “Nothing will ever excuse or justify Al Swealmeen’s despicable decision to build and detonate a bomb at the Women’s Hospital on 14th November 2021.  His actions risked the lives of hundreds of patients and staff. 

“Whilst a precise motive for the attack remains unclear, it is important we try to understand what influenced him to carry out his cowardly deed to better prepare for and deter any attempts to cause mass devastation in the future. 

“Today’s report raises more concerns around the effectiveness of our asylum system, the way claims are processed, support available to asylum seekers and what procedures are used to monitor those individuals who are refused permission to live in the UK.

“These incidents are thankfully very rare, and I want to reassure our communities that Merseyside Police and Counter Terrorism North-West work around the clock, with all partner agencies, to prevent them from happening.

“I’d like to thank Counter-Terrorism officers who have diligently and meticulously followed every line of inquiry to find out why the bombing happened as well as the emergency services and partner organisations for their response to the incident. I’m also grateful to all our communities who came together to support each other and our asylum seeker community in the wake of the incident.

“Liverpool is a diverse city built on multi-culturalism and it’s a place that proudly welcomes people from across the world into its heart. As we’ve seen in the past, when the city and the wider Merseyside region faces adversity or tragedy, people come together, and it’s that spirit of community that defines us all. Hate and division and those who attempt to inflict it will never be tolerated here.

“If you see or hear anything suspicious or unusual then you should always report it. You can do so by contacting the police direct or by visiting gov.uk/ACT where you can file a report in confidence.

“If you’ve been affected by any events outlined in this report then our Victim Care Merseyside Hub has a team of trained staff on hand who can provide tailored, emotional, and practical support. You can find more information at www.victimcaremerseyside.org or by calling Freephone 0808 175 3080.Alternatively, you can access support from the Peace Foundation at https://www.peace-foundation.org.uk/.”