Merseyside's Police Commissioner and Chief Constable run their Community Cashback Fund which sees money seized from criminals reinvested back into our communities.

Grassroots organisations and voluntary groups across Merseyside can apply for a share of cash from the Fund for projects focused on preventing crime, building safer communities, and providing better opportunities for young people.

Using assets recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act, this fund looks to make funding available for community projects that aim support crime prevention initiatives or promote diversionary activities.

Community Cashback graphic

About the Community Cashback Fund:

Applications for funding must demonstrate how they will contribute to key themes that support policing activity and the force priorities.  Funding will be awarded across three themes:

  • Prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Diversion away from criminal gangs
  • Promoting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Projects should contribute to the prevention of crime - For example, this can be through the promotion of community cohesion, by providing a sense of purpose and community to service users that diverts them away from negative behaviours; by educating service users and the community on the impact of crime and providing intervention for those at risk of becoming involved in such activity.  

Projects should focus on:

  • Primary Prevention (situational and social prevention), i.e. is directed at stopping a problem before it happens. This involves reducing the opportunities for crime, reducing risk, and strengthening community and social structures.
    • And/Or
  • Secondary Prevention i.e. seeks to change people, typically those at high risk of embarking upon a criminal career. The focus can be on rapid/effective early interventions (e.g. youth programmes) and/or high-risk neighbourhoods.

This fund is now closed