The budget report is one of the most important documents that the Police Commissioner has to consider during the course of the year.

Emily produces her final budget report for the year after holding a special public budget meeting.

Final budget report for 2022/23

Your Council Tax

It’s the Commissioner's responsibility to set the policing element of your Council Tax for the year (the 'precept').

She does this following consultation with the public, Merseyside's local authorities and the Police and Crime Panel. This how much of your council tax should be spent on policing services in order to deliver value for money. This information is provided in the ‘precept leaflets’.

Find out how much of your council tax is spent on policing:

Council Tax precept leaflet for 2023/24

Special Budget Meeting

The budget was set after  a special public meeting on 20th February 2023, at which the PCC was joined by the Chief Constable to set and approve Merseyside Police's budget for 2023/24.

Please find the agenda and the reports for this meeting below:

Budget Consultation

Prior to the special budget meeting, the Commissioner consulted the public and Police and Crime Panel on her budget proposals.

Please find the papers from this consultation below:

The Commissioner's notification of the precept to the Police and Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Panel's report in response to the precept notification


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