Police and Crime Commissioners must be notified by Chief Constables of their post-service employment within 12 months of them leaving the police service. The PCC must then review and approve the suitability of their employment.

Chief Officers (or former Chief Officers) are required to given notification of all types of paid employment, including self-employment and any relevant unpaid appointments.

The system for approving post-service employment applies to the following Chief Officer ranks:

Chief Constables (Approved via the Police and Crime Commissioner)

Deputy Chief Constables (Approved via the Chief Constable)

Assistant Chief Constables (Approved via the Chief Constable)

For transparency purposes, Police and Crime Commissioners are then required to publish details of the post-service employment notifications and outcomes relating to former Chief Constables on their website.

Below details the outcomes of notifications made to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside, in addition to the guidance which applies to the notification and approval process:

Name of applicant  Former Chief Officer role Date left the police service New appointment/employment PCC/CC recommendation on proposed appointment
Andy Cooke Chief Constable 11th April 2021

HM Inspector of Constabulary and HM Inspector of Fire & Rescue Services      (HMI for Northern England and the SRO for PEEL Inspection)                   

Paid role - commenced April 2021

Andy Cooke Chief Constable 11th April 2021

His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary and His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Fire & Rescue Services

Paid role - commenced April 2022


Chief Officers' Post-Service Employment Guidance