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PCC talking to a radio journalist

There are six main mechanisms by which the Commissioner scrutinises actions and decisions by Merseyside Police.

All of these processes result in the publication of minutes or reports on this website, and are available for public scrutiny.

These six scrutiny mechanisms are:

In addition, please find a full outline of the scrutiny and decision-making Governance Arrangements.

In addition to this, these published documents are then subject to further scrutiny by elected or appointed representatives of the public.

In particular, the Police and Crime Panel for Merseyside will scrutinise and review these decisions and reports, and can make recommendations to the Commissioner as they see fit.

Police and Crime Panel for Merseyside

Jane wants your views on policing funding today...

The Police Commissioner has to set the police budget soon.

She wants your views on  if you would be willing to contribute an extra 19p a week in your council tax  to enable the Chief Constable to recruit 160 new police officers next year, as well help balance the budget and protect jobs?

Without the extra funding the Commissioner will have to reduce the budget, the recruitment of new officers can’t
go ahead and the Chief Constable will be required to cut back on the service again.