As part of her commitment to transparency, the PCC publishes all spending over £500 by both the Commissioner and the Chief Constable.

This includes individual invoices, grant payments, expenses information and other transactions. Please note, some information may be restricted under the Freedom of Information Act or the Data Protection Act.

These contract standing orders are reviewed on an annual basis with full details provided through a Corporate Governance Framework.

This information is available in both CSV and PDF files. Please use the links below to find this information according to year.

Please note, this information must be published annually, but we aim to release data quarterly.

Spending over £500 - 2022 Spending over £500 - 2021
Spending over £500 - 2020 Spending over £500 - 2019 
Spending over £500 - 2018 Spending over £500 - 2017
Spending over £500 - 2016 Spending over £500 - 2015
Spending over £500 - 2014 Spending over £500 - 2013